March 2019








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19 March, 2019




1. Injecting acid on the tips of your fingers

2. Kissing the bottle and listening to the ocean

3. Lost in the forest full of nettles and dragonflies

4. Inhaling cotton powder unable to breathe

5. Fall into the river, eaten by big fish



1. Squeeze air feet and toes

2. Arms explosively attacked by light

3. Face being put paint inside

4. Stomach dried up completely

5. Auschwitz (becomes a completely different place, an empty space with no history, no walls, no people, the nothing itself. You leave this non-space in the regular human walk but you are totally hollow in the inside)



1. Chocolate that tastes like dal (at the dining table)

2. Clothes become part of your skin

3. A fool being chased

4. Pigeon toes gecko

5. Gecko trying to drive the same car



1. Attacked by light

2. Locked in a small room in every pore

3. Raise the eyes of an old women

4. Hunchback

5. Last steps of your dying grandmother (the reincarnation is your most necessary Qualia)



1. Only head – Birds fly away from the temple

2. Arms connected – Drunk bear – Honeyhands

3. Ghost of mickey mouse, dead cartoon

4. Showing mommy your handmade dress

5. Your dress turns you into stone with worms at your feet, you can’t scream no teeth



1. Rock cicada’s eye

2. A doll smolders busubusu

3. Plants crawl the temple

4. A face of the pomegranate tooth

5. People who are made of ice



1. Passing of the myriad gaze

2. Being gouged and melt

3. Multi-layering of nerve mescaline

4. Destroyed every qualia as crystallized one picture for me. By one word, one action, sensationally.

5. Become Budha tree



1. Ash walk (quiet the mind)

2. Listen for a boat pulling into the Chennai harbor (Awareness of hearing without focus.

3. The wish to move proceeds ahead. Shape follows. (The soul/self/essence of all the dancers in the space exits the body you move without purpose or direction.)

4. Blurred flowers wander (The self/ soul/ essence of all the dancers in the space take on the form of blurred flowers.)

5. Half a million bugs on a tree. The insides are all gone. (The Flowers’selves have drifted away. There is no longer an “I” experiencing qualia. There is only an experience occurring rest in this awareness.)



1. Being Kissed

2. Leaking water

3. Drowning spider is smiling

4. Blurred face in the next door

5. Walk, Walk, Walk. Who is crying ?



1. Multi-layering of nerve mescaline

2. Generate and dismantl of a doll by soil

3. Origin of mouth and teeth

4. Internal organs hanging out of the body

5. Rising up with the darkness gradually (Hands together. Stand up. )



1. Who have been put paint on the wall

2. Crack

3. Ghoast with a child’s face to mouth

4. Attacked by light

5. Being confined to the crystal



1. Bodies are nailed down to the floor, captured, connected.

2. Hundreds of angry bees are stiriging us setting us fire

3. Child bullying its parents hysterically

4. Former protecting her/his animals from a huge storm

5. Soft breeze blows away all pasts of your body, all that remains is an abstract doll skeleton.



1. People who are made of dust<