July-August 2015


Hungary 2015

壁を超える共振リゾーム in ハンガリー



31 August, 2015

Resonant Rhizome beyond Barriers in Hungary

Workshop of second week in Hungary with various handicapped people was amaizingly successful.
On the last day we danced at the squaer of museum in Szentendre beyond barries.
Look at each face of participant, it is full of brightness to dance together without barriers. For them this was the first experience to dance handcapped people and normal people. They will develope it in Hungary.
Also I will continue to deepen this way.

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eX...it! 2015
15 August, 2015

Chaos in the potato brewing factory

Second week of eX ... it!, 80 participants were divided in four groups, and co-created 4 butoh pieces of 20 minutes each.
The other three groups, Takenouchi Atsushi, Nakajima Natsu and Yukio Waguri has created the choreography pieces.
17 dancers of Lee and Umiumare Yumi group co-created a chaos in the ex-potatoes brewing factory.
Because I am a midwife of the subbody rather than a choreographer, I guided a just conditioning of the body and researching the darkness of body, and just lisetened to what movements would come out from their body.
Umiumare Yumi who was my partner wanted to attempt the transformation between the everyday and the extraordinary, dancers were devided into three roles; paranoid cleaners, pretenders and Yami (darkness).
It's a theatrical way which was true contrary to me, but I tryed to listen to the process, what chaos would come out from the resonance between her way and subbodies, it must become a chaos.

I just added an idea that three dead appeared from the underground, and occured a unknown resonance with the human world people. It became a nothing but ridiculous chaos.
People in this group enjoyed suffering of the unknown chaos, dreaming, crying, shouting, calming, and so on.

Decades of experience of ferment about this chaos will lead to new awareness or novel creation in the darkness of the body.
That's fine.

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15 August, 2015

A Resonance Experiment of Voice, Sound and Subbody at eX..it!15 Butoh Festival in Germany

The second week of the exchange Butoh workshop Festival in Germany,
Gorka, an old student of Subbody Butoh School who participated as a musician made an Experiment of Resonance among my voice, musicians sound and subbody=cobodies.
Several old students Syv, Honza, Jonathan, Santeri, Pamela, and participants of festival; Nadin, Elisa, Hendrik,Hugo Andreac, Mayson, Hendriette, and so on.
Though it was only 10 minutes experiment, an novel experience to open the future possibilities.
In addition to in the eX...it Butoh Festival,
many experiments were exchanged and shared.
Honza invented a resonance device between body sound and movement. It was so interesting experience. He will bring it to 2nd semester of Subbody School, we will deepen it.
Robert made several experimental videos about the paintings of Bellmer and Bacon paintings. The other students danced it in various ways.
The festival became rich field of encounter among old Subbody students sharing each original research and inventions.
In a few year, we will realize the 1st World Gathering of Subbody=Cobodies.

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 "Yamazaki, Hit My Body by Stone! 8 in Germany"
Rhizome Lee and cobody
15 August, 2015

Yamazaki, Reborn as Resonant Rhizome! ver.8 in Germany

On the first day of eX ... it! Butoh Festival, we performed 8th "Yamazaki..." with eight old student of Subbody School, Syv, Honza, Pia, Jonathan, Santeri, Robert, Pamela, Jaime. Roberto and Jordi took a video.
After next year on 8th October, 2017, the 50th anniversary memorial of Hiroaki Yamazaki who died in the anti-Vietnum War will be established at Haneda, Tokyo.
While the last two years, I have been nurtured this dance piece at various places, and it grew up to this form, when I hit the atone as Grave of Yamazaki, then the dead Yamazaki begins to dance with borrowing the international young dancer's bodies.
During the two years, this butoh grew up from "Yamazaki, Hit my body by Stone!" to "Yamazaki, Reborn as Resonant Rhizome!".
Next coming two years, this dance will still continue to generate and change, till Japan Rhizoming tour 2017..

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 Workshops in eX..it 2015
Resonant Rhizome in Spain
12 August, 2015

Resonant Rhizome in the Spanish River

Gonzaro started dancing on the tree, and moved to river.
Lee spontaniously resonated with it. threw a stone in the river and umped into the water. Most interesting moment is subbody starting resonance without thinking.

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3 August, 2015

Resonant Rhizome in the Cave

Carlos found a huge rock and danced there.
And Jonathan continued to dance in the cave under the huge rock. Some cobody resonated his qualia and transformed in the dark cave, many baterflies which had rest in the cave flied around them with surprising resonance.

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2 August, 2015

Resonant Rhizome in the Room

The participants enjoyed to dance "Resonant Rhizome at everywhere. Someone danced in the room of guest house.
They became very Rhizome which connect freely and separate flexiblly. Please enjoy it!

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30 July, 2015

Resonant Rhizome in Spanish Himalayan Stream

The first trial of "Resonant Rhizome workshop" was succesfuly finished with large harvest. The workshp place was on the foot of Spanish himalaya, very similar environment with Subbody School Himalaya, very quiet, diverse landscapes, rocky river, oak forest, and so on.
17 participants were enjoyed Resonant Rhisome, and created rich subbody=cobodies and share them together.
Slowly we will introduce it day by day.

At the first, Resonant Rhizome in the Spanish Himalayan Stream. Enjoy it!

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